How do we help you find an apartment?

The Pad Hunter Apartment Locators are licensed real estate agents. With our expertise and knowledge of the market, we help you find your apartment through an extensive search of the areas you are most interested in. Personal contact is made with you to confirm and narrow down your search before you visit the apartment communities. We save you time and money to ensure that when you are ready to put that deposit down…the apartment home will be available for you.


Is there a cost for using our service?

Absolutely not! Our service is FREE and we offer you a CASH rebate or time with our moving team for using our service. That sounds crazy right? We promise….there is no gimmick, increase in your rental rates and no hidden fees to you as our client.


How can you offer a free service and a CASH rebate?

When you visit the apartment communities, and list Donna Lee, The Pad Hunter Locators as your referral source on all Guest Cards and Applications… we earn a commission. A percentage of that commission is given to you as a CASH incentive/cash rebate.

Apartment communities pay our commissions from their advertising budget. We have access to hundreds of apartments throughout the state of Texas and will let you know when they have move-in specials or rent reductions to offer. They want us to send them business! It’s a win-win for everyone.


How do I get the Cash Rebate?

Complete the Rebate Form and submit. Or you can call our office and let us know you are ready to claim your rebate.


When do I receive my Cash Rebate check?

Most apartment communities pay within 60-90 days of your move in date. If you were given rent concessions when you moved in it may take longer for them to pay.


How do I get time with the movers?

Make sure you list Donna Lee – The Pad Hunter on your Guest Card and Application. Confirmation must be secured with your chosen apartment complex before we can schedule your time with the mover. Call us immediately once you have BEEN APPROVED so we can take care of you.


Can I use you to move within the same property?

Unfortunately, this will not qualify as assistance from us as a locator service.


Is there anything that is NOT free?

Well, nothing in life is ever really free. So, when someone tells you it’s “FREE” – ask lots of questions and read the fine print!

The movers we use…may charge a trip fee based on where your move originates from. They will tell you up front exactly what you will be required to pay, should you go over the allotted time we give you.

What is the major difference between us and our competitors with the movers?

Our movers don’t haggle with whether they will move your items or not.  We give you an allotted time based on your monthly rental rate/commission amount. The mover shows up and moves you.  No list to check off what items they will move or won’t move.  Doesn’t that make more sense?  BAM!  Simple as that!

Contact Details

We are here to answer any questions you may have.

Feel free to send us an email (see link below) or contact us by phone.  We are always here to help.

Telephone: 972-369-3120