Apartment Hunting & Searching Five Tips

Hunting and Searching for an Dallas Apartment? There are several things you need to look for when searching for your next Apartment. You’ve probably heard “drive through the parking lot and look at the cars parked there”, which is still a good indicator of the clientele living at that complex but there is so much more than that to be considered. Here are my top 5 suggestions:

1.Heating & Cooling – You definitely want to have an apartment that is efficiently cooled and heated. Look at the age of the unit sitting outside your apartment. Is it rusted, in poor shape? How old is it? It the unit is beyond it’s years…your utility bill will be as well! Another thing to consider…as you move to the 2nd or 3rd floor…WHAT IS UNDERNEATH YOU? Do you have another tenant living underneath you or do you have open space – like a garage or storage space? If you have an un-insulated garage beneath you…expect to have a very cold winter and a very hot summer!

2. Access Gates – Access or Security gates at the entrance of the property is a good thing. However, if they are NEVER working….what is the use? Pay attention to the usage, how long it takes each resident to get in and what the possibility is of someone sneaking in during the gate closure timing. Ask the staff how many repair tickets they have to make on a monthy basis fixing the gate.

3. Read the “fine” print – Does the fine print mention anything about the management company’s rules about how you will receive your application fee or deposit BACK should you change your mind or not be able to accept the apartment? Some applications will have a clause that states you will lose your money if you falsify your application in any way. So…what if you have rental debt that you did not know about and it shows up when they do your credit check. If you did not disclose that information….and they do not accept rental debt (or anything that you did not disclose) you could lose your money.

4. Management Company and Staff – Yes…I love my Apartment Finder managers and leasing agents. They are what makes my world go round. However, if you get a company that has too much turnover, changing owners/managers frequently or using too many “temporary leasing agents” that float from property to property it will have an affect on how well the property is managed. Don’t be afraid to knock on some doors at the complex and ask questions about how the property is maintained. Does the maintenance team do a sufficient job or a great job? Are their phone calls returned to the office staff or ignored.

5. 30 or 60 day notice? – Will you be required to give a 30 or 60 day notice to vacate when the time comes? Just know that if you move to a property that requires 60 day notice….you will have to give YOUR notice before other properties (that are on a 30 day notice) will know what they have coming up for availability. And…most home rentals only require a 30 day notice so if your intent is to move from apartment to home….you may have a 30 day perApartment Hunting & Searchingiod of not knowing “where” you are moving.

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