Can you buy a home with No money down?

I ran across an interesting blog on the internet the other day.  It was SO good that I am posting it on my website blog.  So many people want to buy their own home…I get it…as an apartment locator I see the prices steadily increasing in the Dallas Ft. Worth area to the point where people can’t afford to live anymore.  The automatic response is to buy your own home.  There are steps to take before you are ready to purchase.  Saving the money is the first one.  When you have your down money ready – finding a good mortgage broker/banker or loan officer is super important.  If you are ready for that home purchase call me at: 972-369-3120 and we can talk about your next step.  If not read the following comments:

The question was posed by the individual “I want to buy a house but do NOT have the money for the down payment – can I buy one?”

An interested party from Texas named “Dan” answered her and here is his response.

If you were a veteran you might be able to get a V.A. loan with 0 down. But what would happen if 3 weeks later you have an unexpected expense of $1,500 come up? What would you do?

The real question is not if you could buy a house.  The question is if you bought a house could you keep it.

If you want to buy a house maybe you should think of it as a 5 year plan. Cut out all of your unnecessary expense. Consider yourself broke. Stop eating out. Get rid of cable tv. Lose the internet expense. Only buy things when you have cash to pay for them. Buy used instead of new. Stop watching movies. basically you make life a lot more dull. But it will make your pockets more full. Use a credit card once a month. Then pay it off in full.

Maybe I can share a thought that helps you to look at expenses differently.

If I am in town and see a soda for $1 and buy it. How much does it cost me?
I do not need the soda, I would like it. It is an unnecessary expense I could avoid.

Most people say it is so obvious. The soda costs $1.

I say NO!!! It cost you $2.
You just lost the $1 in your pocket. It is gone forever. You are now behind $1 from where you were.
You now have to MAKE another $1 to replace it. That means you are out $2.
The one present $1 you gave away and the one future $1 you have to make to replace it with. Only then will your pocket be in the same condition it is in now. It will have $1 in it that really cost you $2 to get.

If you consider the true cost of spending money unnecessarily you will soon see how much saving can really do for you. If you could save $200 a month after 1 year you would have saved $2,400. After 5 years it would be $12,000. Now that is something isn’t it? If you sacrifice today tomorrow can look a lot different.

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