Hard to Hide Bad Credit in Apartment Market

It’s hard to hide your bad credit with an apartment rental application. An article recently published in the e-newsletter RISMedia discusses the use of a new online tenant screening process that helps the apartment industry determine if the rental applicant is the right candidate for their property. An online screening service called Houserie has taken the work out of chasing down references, and conducting credit, eviction, criminal background checks on prospective rental clients. The article says “that this new program allows them to determine if the prospective tenant is who they say they are”.  

The Houserie program screens for past nationwide court eviction records, check death records for fradulent use of SSN numbers and even predicting if an applicant is at risk for defaulting on their lease.

When you complete a standard Texas Apartment Assocition Rental Application there is a section at the bottom of page 1 on the left hand side that will ask you important questions about your rental/criminal history.

Your Rental/Criminal History

You must check if applicable. Have you, your spouse, or any occupant listed in this Application ever:

  • been evicted or asked to move out?
  • moved out of a dwelling before the end of the lease term without the owner’s consent?
  • declared bankruptcy?
  • been sued for rent?
  • been sued for property damage?
  • been charged, detained, or arrested for a felony or sex crime that was resolved by conviction, probation, deferred adjudication, court ordered community supervision, or pretrial diversion?
  • been charged, detained, or arrested for a felony or sex-related crime that has not been resolved by any method?Please indicate below the year, location and type of each felony and sex crime other than those resolved by dismissal or acquittal. We may need to discuss more facts before making a decision. You represent the answer is “no” to any item not checked above.

Now this is the point I want to make about all of this. If you notice on the second page of the rental application under “Acknowledgment” is also states and puts this statement in BOLD on the application: “You understand that if you do not meet our rental selection criteria or if you fail to answer any question or give false information, we may reject the application, retain all application fees, administrative fees, and deposits as liquidated damages for our time and expense, and terminate your right of occupancy”.

No matter how good your Realtor/Apartment Locator is in finding you suitable housing, it is very important that you be upfront and honest about your past rental and credit background. It is also important to know your own credit history and be prepared before the landlord or apartment community runs a background check and credit report on you. http://www.thepadhunter.com/resources/

There ARE landlords and apartment communities that will work with credit dings, however, your choice of properties to choose from will be limited.

If you need help cleaning up your credit, give me a call.  I have several business contacts that can help you get your credit score increased and moving you in the right direction.

Looking forward to helping you with ALL of your Real Estate needs (Buy, Sell, Lease).

Article on Simplifying the Tenant Screening Process in the Digital Age.

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