Apartment Hunting Tips

If you are moving within 30 to 60 days – we MUST call the properties to check availability

If your move is MORE than 60 days out​- it is too soon to make calls – you can window shop!

Be prepared financially for your move and ready to pay the following fees to secure an apartment:

  • Application fee for each adult on the lease ( usually @ $35-75)
  • Administration fee (some properties charge this fee) ($75 – 150)
  • Deposit
  • First month’s rent amount
  • Second chance leasing will almost always require an extra deposit which could be up to a 1st month’s rent amount based on your past credit history


Know your rental history – they will run a credit and criminal background check on all adults 18 years or older living in the apartment

The credit /criminal check could show any of the following if it is on your credit report:

  • Rental debt owed to a previous landlord
  • Monies owed to creditors, judgements, utility companies
  • Broken leases – do you know when it happened and how much you owe the property?
  • Bankruptcies – has it been discharged?  If not…the property may not lease to you
  • Foreclosures
  • Misdemeanors – how old since completion and what was it for?
  • Felonies – how old since completion and what was it for?

Don’t wait – If you find the RIGHT apartment -​put down your deposit to hold it.

It may not be there when you return!