Second Chance Leasing or Apartment Renting

Need Second Chance Leasing or Apartment Renting?

Have you been turned down from an apartment community for a low credit score, broken lease(s), eviction(s), bankruptcy or foreclosure?

If so, we may still be able to help. Many apartments offer what we call SECOND CHANCE leasing to individuals that have the above issues. You won’t know “Who” those apartments are by just walking in and submitting an application. You will need our expertise in Second Chance Apartment Leasing & Renting to direct you to the proper apartments that will work with YOUR PARTICULAR SITUATION.

More than likely, the apartment complex/management company will require you to provide an extra deposit/fees (anywhere from a double deposit that equal to one month’s extra rent) and in some circumstances will ask for a co-signer.

Properties all have different rental criteria for what they will or will not accept. They can also change this criteria frequently. It is very important that you let us know which properties you are considering prior to visiting them. This way we can call ahead and confirm that they are still willing to work with your situation.

When you complete the Apartment Searching questionnaire, make sure you are very specific and detailed about your rental history, monies owing to the property or conviction dates if your matter is criminal based. Most apartment communities will want any rental debt, broken leases and evictions to be 2 years old from the date it happened.  Any criminal will need to be 2-5 years old for misdemeanors and 5, 7, 10 years old for felonies.  The more information you provide to us…will ensure that the properties we recommend may consider your second chance needs.